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Oh the fun!

Wednesday February 7th, 2007 at 16:57pm

So, I moved house and all went well....been here 5 weeks now! On the downside, the oven broke and the landlord wants to replace the windows, so he served notice. I shall be moving again next week, but I am getting rather good at packing now! Not sure where I’m going to next, but no doub I’ll land on my feet, I have a random way of doing that. I have a new shiny laptoy now too, so at least that can keep me company : D Oooh, almosty forgt, I have a whole interview tomorrow and it pays more than I’m asking for, which is excellent. Bit of a shitter, it’s at 8am, so no doubt I shall stroll in brandishing a hot vanilla latte (not that I’m gay or owt). Oh the joys of an updated blog! : D That about wraps it up, all other excitement is lacking ; )

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