Toys This is the place where we get to have a bit of fun!

The first toy, way back in the day, was the Dick. A dictionary of random things invented by the madness in our brains, it currently has 1,997 entries and continues to grow daily.

Next up, we built the quotes and quotebot. To use quotebot, wait for someone to say something hilariously outrageously libellous in the chatroom and add it to the quotes by typing "!qb add <scottbert> claims badgers are better in bed than girls". Other quotebot commands include: "!qb random" to see a random quote, "!qb find something" to find a quote and "!qb show 1873" to show a specific quote. Of course, you can ignore all of that and simply browse and rate quotes by clicking the link to the right.

So when we have a silly idea for something fun to do, or an excellent idea that might be fun for all, we build it and put it here.

If you have a good idea for something that would be good for freakcity, let scott know...

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