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Tuesday July 6th, 2004 at 1:18am

Did you ever have that feeling that things in the world were sinking? I seem to have found that feeling today, not entirely sure why, but it makes me look at people in an odd way, in a “what have you done thats so bad” kinda way. It does make tube journeys all the more exciting for analysing peoples eyes for flinches and movements and give aways of naughty behaviour. But the best feeling of all, is making it back home, to a flat with one of my favouritest people in ever! Cuz I love the hugs, and the “blehs” and generally knowing everything is safe and feeling like Im wrapped in cotton wool. Its hard not to know what makes you feel bad, but its truly a gorgeous feeling to know people are there for you and care *cheers for Scott* Anyways...enough ranting....bed calls as its late/early/whatever I don’t care...I’m wrapped in cotton wool still : )

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