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Evility in banking!

Wednesday June 30th, 2004 at 14:31pm

So I went down to my local Leeds branch of Barclays with Scott whilst visiting the frozen north, and they didn’t give me any money at all and in doing so quite blatently broke the law, without realising (I don’t think) that I knew they were doing this.... so now ensues a heated debate in which I shall win and Barclays will succumb to the power of my nails digging into their eyes. Thats about the most exciting thing that happened all day, cuz Scott had a hangover and was being all high-maintenance *glares* so then we caught a train back to a strange house in the middle of nowhere and went to sleep, woke up, got kebab, played monopoly, and went to sleep once more.

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Monday June 28th, 2004 at 12:54am

So, I went to Manchester for the very first time ever on Saturday, and ended up in a bed with Scott and Warren looking over a wicca alter...all very surreal...and even more so when in my drunken state I announced “Scott, compared to the rest fo you your crack is really cold”. It’s stay away from the crack.

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