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Busy busy

Sunday March 10th, 2013 at 10:57am

So this weekend (well, since Thursday as I was off work...) — I’ve:

Worked out how to get Node working with systemd in fedora.

Worked out how to get my Node site to build using make with Jenkins

Set up continuous delivery for my photography website.

I can now push live using git.

Worked out how to get Jenkins to restart Node and keep it running using Forever.

Built a new baby server.

Added a bit more to my micro framework (

Been to the gym twice.

Launched a beta of my new photography website ( to replace the old powered by ExpressJS/Node on the back end and ObjectJS/HTML5 on the front end.

Cooked a roast pork dinner for Marius.

Made cheesecake.

Introduced him to Yorkshire puds : D ("Why are they called puddings?" / "I have no idea...")

Accidentally paid my credit card bill twice.

Still to do:

Create online shop for the photography website

Reverse Polyfill the new ObjectJS methods for jQuery/Zepto. (I may have just made that term up : D)

Write some unit tests for the new bits of code.

Do the washing up.

Go to the gym.

Prepare for imminent Alasdair and James invasion on Thursday.

Dig bike out of snow (SNOES!).

Work out how to stop my UK account going overdrawn because of aforementioned double payment of credit card (oops!)

Migrate freakcity to Node/Express.

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