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Time, she fly.

Tuesday March 5th, 2013 at 15:38pm

Part way through building my first web app using ExpressJS for Node.

Working too much.

Not enough time to blog properly, but due to the previous two factors not really got much to blog about anyway. The world turns, snow becomes sun, cold becomes warm, we hurtle through space at 17k miles per hour and nothing really matters.

Starting full-time 20h per week German lessons next month. What doesn’t kill us, etc.

No-one has died or gone mad recently, which makes me happy.

Found a big hill in Kreuzberg, which also makes me happy.

Fixed, broke and fixed again my Brompton.

Considering selling all my shares and giving up playing the markets.

Seriously considering saving and buying a house here in a couple of years. Need to settle down and here is as good a place as anywhere.

Generally speaking, mostly content with a side of wanderlust.

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