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Dick Entry for “Ajax”

  1. Dutch football team

    by dolphinstar

    Added on Wednesday May 18th, 2005

  2. good for cleaning the jacuzzi in my bathroom

    by rangitoto

    Added on Thursday May 26th, 2005

  3. Not to be confused with icing sugar or cocaine

    by justin

    Added on Tuesday June 21st, 2005

  4. The White Tornado

    (For those who are auld enough to remember the add “Cleans like a White Tornado” commercial)

    by taxidriver

    Added on Wednesday October 19th, 2005

  5. A suburban town in Southern Ontario,Canada,

    by rangitoto

    Added on Friday March 24th, 2006

  6. Mythical Greek warrior god, hero at battle of Troy, who became jealous after missing out on Achiles’ prized armour, went mad (something to do with cows), and killed himself.

    by strepsilly

    Added on Thursday May 4th, 2006


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