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Dick Entry for “G-A-Y”

  1. cf. Faggotry

    Added on Tuesday December 30th, 2003

  2. fantastic place where pure cheese is played..

    by sunin

    Added on Friday January 30th, 2004

  3. Hellish dinge pit in central London playing utter trash

    by abeneplacito

    Added on Friday March 5th, 2004

  4. The UK’s number one chicken coup, ran by the predatory Jeremy ‘Owl’ Joseph, purely so he can say he’s best friends with the acts. One hasn’t got a proper five-star GayCard until one has been fiddled with by a stranger in the loos there, or – more adventurously – at the back of the stage.

    by EnglishImpatient

    Added on Thursday May 20th, 2004

  5. Quite fun actually. Bit squashed though.

    by moogal

    Added on Monday November 8th, 2004

  6. Pretentious bar full of pretentious scene queen fashion slaves who won’t even pas the time of day with you unless you are wearing the last Armani. Go to Trash Palace; its much cooler!

    by LastHeraldMage

    Added on Monday January 10th, 2005


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