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Wednesday September 14th, 2005 at 6:47am

Scott...fix may have been saved from one of my essays but it also deleted it before I finshed typing it : P Now, onto me, this is my blog, it’s about me, sorry for the poor and disillusioned. Death is always hardest when it isn’t your own you face. I know I don’t need to get on the self-pity bus, I’m on it and have been for a long time. But what makes my dying any better or worse than yours? Infamy...yes, I have become infamous, I apparently have a long enough grasp to influence people to gossip, speculate and back-chat, the tell-tale signs of infamy. Why? Why am I so well known? Everyone reading my blog by now knows me, some are spousal, parents, good friends, lovers old and new, or maybe people who sought to better themselves by seeing me as a cash-cow to popularity and back-talking me when it didn’t work. *NEWS FLASH* Popularity isn’t won on other people’s back, you get it by earning it. I earnt mine, positive and negative, by being there, someone people could see, either liked or disliked, I don’t care. I don’t care because I have the philosophy that if people like me, they stay, they become friends, they get to know me, if people don’t like me, they either say so and to their benefit they do, it shows a far greater character with much more respect, or they play along with me until a moment arises when they can attack. *COWARD* is what I say to them, if you don’t like somebody and if you’re that worried about your social standing, you’re in the wrong group or you’ve spoken to late to exonerate yourself...your bad, deal with it. go on, I dare you, without making up lies, feeding misinformation, or being someone who you are not, unless you are a pathalogical liar and deserve help in a mental institute and who wants to be on of those? Do you want to think you are being back-chatted with reverberations of you being a pathalogical liar? I do not care anymore what people think of me, truly I don’t. Circumstances like these are what friendships are made and broken from. There are people I have lied to..people important to me, because I told them what thought they wanted to hear. It didn’t help. lies, for any reason, don’t help, people will find out. I didn’t want to hurt people so I told them what they wanted to know, they found out, it hurt them more than the truth. The truth, no matter ho unpallatable, is the best, easiest way out. Just be prepared to retract popularity, if they like you, they will anyway, if not, they are probably best rid of anyway.

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