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Words of the Day for November 2022

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Wednesday November 30th, 2022

Verb. 1. To commune with someone sexually desirable, occasionally in so much as having sex. An abbreviation of ‘cop off.’

2. To take. E.g."Cop hold of this hammer whilst I get the spanner." Also Cop this! – a facetious remark said immediately prior to an aggressive act.

3. A policeman/woman. Abb. of ‘copper’. [Mid 1800s/Orig. U.S.]

Adj. Value, worth. Heard in expressions such as ‘no cop’ or ‘any cop’.

Added by DiZZY

Tuesday November 29th, 2022

Incomprehensible spelling : P

Added by scott

Monday November 28th, 2022

A Blue, dented 206 motorcar owned by the infamous cynds in the 00’s

Added by cynds

Sunday November 27th, 2022

Watery terrorists

Added by scott

Saturday November 26th, 2022

Adj. Drunk, intoxicated. See ‘pissed’.

That marvelous state you enter after 8 or more drinks. When even the ugliest people start to be come attractive and speech becomes a slurred flurry of obscene misspronunciations (try saying that pished) and gratuitous joining and merging of terms. See also Goin’slash, who’ons’a’rink etc.

Added by DiZZY

Friday November 25th, 2022

The father of volcanoes.

Added by scott

Thursday November 24th, 2022

The most amusingly named fruit yet discovered.

Added by anandamide

Wednesday November 23rd, 2022

A religion and belief system that origniates from ages and ages and ages ago. Read ‘Triumph of the Moon’ by Ronald Hutton if you want more info.

Added by laurs_bobbins

Tuesday November 22nd, 2022

c.f. Owen Blacker

Added by NotDan

Monday November 21st, 2022

The greatest religion ever revealed, or the greatest joke ever told. Or both, depending on your outlook, sense of humour, lifestlye, and what day it is.

Added by anandamide

Sunday November 20th, 2022

pub crawl
Misconception. Public houses do not have the ability to get up and crawl away. This is a delusion created by the effects of excessive alcohol use!

Added by DiZZY

Saturday November 19th, 2022

Welsh for chocolate, used a lot by Owen because he has to concentrate on how to spell it in English

Added by Owen

Friday November 18th, 2022

Jesus Army
Are loving people

Added by cynds

Thursday November 17th, 2022

Sick jokes compendium from the people that brought you b3ta

Added by scott

Wednesday November 16th, 2022

Has to be the most annoying word ever. Overused by infuriatingly lovey-dovey chat room addicts to gaim favour among the chat rooms addicts with a higher social rank.

Added by Swinkle

Tuesday November 15th, 2022


Tell your Drwho/captainJack midgetfistingorgy fantasy here!

Added by Lloyd

Monday November 14th, 2022

Three in a bed in a monastary

Added by NotDan

Sunday November 13th, 2022

What old people do to pretend they’re popular

Added by scott

Saturday November 12th, 2022

apparently a native child who know nothing and lack manners?

make anysense to you?

Added by cynds

Friday November 11th, 2022

Famous in the early 1990’s for their music factory.

Everybody dance now!

Added by kev

Thursday November 10th, 2022

The poor guy that made this place and has to put up with all our complaining.

Added by Swinkle

Wednesday November 9th, 2022

ku bar
see ufo

Added by taxidriver

Tuesday November 8th, 2022

Donnie Darko
Sends me drooling over Jake Gyllenhaal (but lose the chest hair), and going WTF at the ideas explored. Overall – loved it – loads. And yes, I’m a gayer 8-)

Added by penwing

Monday November 7th, 2022

The act of cutting holes in a photograph and popping your knuckles through them to give the appearance of breasts

Added by scott

Sunday November 6th, 2022

A phenomenon that happens to people’s stomachs after the festive season

Added by dolphinstar

Saturday November 5th, 2022

The White Tornado

(For those who are auld enough to remember the add “Cleans like a White Tornado” commercial)

Added by taxidriver

Friday November 4th, 2022

Old People
You can’t wind the up: they can’t hear or see you.

Added by Kittyflea

Thursday November 3rd, 2022

A damn fine radio station which plays all the best choons!

Added by laurs_bobbins

Wednesday November 2nd, 2022

dogs believe they’re human

cat’s believe they’re GOD

Added by rickyc-m

Tuesday November 1st, 2022

thin guys
A diagnostic feature of Eastern European porn.

Added by pronts