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Words of the Day for April 2020

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Thursday April 30th, 2020

Originally white, then came a purple variety, then the Dutch turned them orange by means of propaganda and arresting and torturing their mums until they turned colour

Added by dolphinstar

Wednesday April 29th, 2020

Opposite of you’re out

Added by taxidriver

Tuesday April 28th, 2020

danube goal
n. a serious wicked plan to accomplish within “five days” under ad hoc or else...

Added by purekid503

Monday April 27th, 2020

Much better than Cats

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Sunday April 26th, 2020

nice song sung by Amy Holland....actually....I think it was her

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Saturday April 25th, 2020

A prominant feature in much of the work of Photographer (qv)

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Friday April 24th, 2020

Brian Haw
All round groovy guy who Scott met at the demos against the Iraq War in 2003

When he started in June 2001, Mr Haw, a father of seven from Worchestershire, had only a few signs bearing the names of young children who had died as a result of economic sanctions on Iraq. He supplemented these with carefully painted banners pointing out to both the politicians and the public the huge suffering that the sanctions policy, supported by the UK government supported, inflicted on the people of Iraq.

Over the months, people began to visit him and bring placards they themselves had made. With the events of 11 September 2001 and the declaration of the ‘war on terrorism’, Brian’s protest grew in size and reputation. He has had numerous visitors from all over the world, many leaving placards with messages of peace, helping to create what is now a powerful display which challenges the government’s foreign policy. The international media have broadcast his message around the world in documentaries, news reports and interviews.

In October 2002 he won a major legal victory when the High Court refused to grant an injunction to Westminster Council to remove him from Parliament Square. The judge ruled that Mr Haw was exercising his right to freedom of speech and the pavement obstruction was not unreasonable.

Mr Haw said, "I have had the people of the world on this pavement. Peace is more popular than Parliament."

He added "Contrary to the hopes of the government that protest will end now that the war on Iraq is said to be over, I will not go away. Its not over for people in Iraq – thousands more of the people are now dead and the occupiers are still there. I feel so incensed – we are talking about dropping bombs on people, on murdering people. Its not enough to say we don’t mean to – it doesn’t make it alright. And the murderers are allowed to profit from

their crimes. How can humanity, the world, allow this blatant smash and grab?

"They went ahead no matter how much people protested and we are now being asked to just accept it. I can’t accept it. Here is a picture of a little girl with the back of her head blown off. All you have to do is put yourself in the place of this girl’s parents. They will never thank us for ‘liberating’ them. And now we have ‘saved’ them, we are selling them water."

For more information contact:

Emma Sangster on emma@drifting.demon.co.uk

Brian Haw can be visited in Parliament Square at any time.

Added by scott

Thursday April 23rd, 2020

Amazing sci-fi show that was axed by the Evil Fox after about 10 episodes...now available as a 13 episode DVD and soon to be available as a film, it charts the story of nine people living on a spaceship and getting up to all kinds of mischief. Cross the sharp writing team of Buffy with a little of the A Team and Babylon 5 and throw in a touch of Spaceballs and a healthy dollop of spaghetti western and hey, it sounds unlikely, but it all works.

Home to lines as great as:

Wash: Psychic? Sounds like something out of science fiction.

Zoe: We live on a spaceship dear


Zoe: Sir, I think you have a problem with your brain being missing.

Dead good. Go see.

Added by scott

Wednesday April 22nd, 2020

What Australian drivers from West London do when the A40’s chocka. They “dodge Ealing.” (Aussie accent required)

Added by strepsilly

Tuesday April 21st, 2020

Like monsters, only even more scary. They are undead muthafuckas who want to eat your brain!

Added by laurs_bobbins

Monday April 20th, 2020

trouser cough
Accidental explosion of arsebreath from one’s sphincter. Oft accompanied by giggling and screaming if either mogwai or Scott are involved

Added by scott

Sunday April 19th, 2020

(ACRONYM) which means, "dirty jocks"

Added by purekid503

Saturday April 18th, 2020

Scott’s server. Shiny silver thing that runs his 42" plasma screen. Also ½ of irc.freakcity.net.

Named after Gwen Novak, one of the aliases of Hazel Stone, a member of the Families and one of the people who freed luna

Added by scott

Friday April 17th, 2020

A mild concoction, usually made from the “Tea” plant (Thea Veridis), but can be made from many other plants and fruits.

Added by abeneplacito

Thursday April 16th, 2020

former ID of OUT event organiser Jason E, now left OUT. Have had my photographic style called “Post Modern Readers Wives” – make of that what you will, but I enjoy it and I love seeing my purple wall over the ’net.

Added by photographer

Wednesday April 15th, 2020

Something I just subjected stikki to. And now she’s run away : ’(

Added by stikki

Tuesday April 14th, 2020

David Blunkett
blind fascist

Added by rickyc-m

Monday April 13th, 2020

Female chav. Often seen wearing fake Burberry, Fake fur, Fake burberry patterned fur, too much lip gloss, enough mascara to clump and big hoopy earrings. Big hair sprouts from under the Burberry hat and they spend most of their giros on the lottery and/or malibu

Speak an incomprehensible language that’s a cross between Northern, R&B slang and Essex. Husbands likely to have tattoos reading "My other wife is a chav..."

Added by scott

Sunday April 12th, 2020

a charter chav airline crewed by Queens

Added by rangitoto

Saturday April 11th, 2020

tlentifini maarhaysu
Fictional TV series referred to obliquely in BBC’s spoof 1970s science program Look Around You.

Added by strepsilly

Friday April 10th, 2020

So Fucking What

Added by taxidriver

Thursday April 9th, 2020

strapping wheels to your feet and hurtling down hills desperately trying to avoid killing youself and those around you.

Added by mogwai

Wednesday April 8th, 2020

Rallying cry of “Death To the French” often heard around Retro Bar whenever Skywalker has been successfully removed from Thailand and ends up being sucked back into London again

Added by scott

Tuesday April 7th, 2020

The noise a computer makes when it wants your attention : )

Added by scott

Monday April 6th, 2020

Hateful fatty

Added by har

Sunday April 5th, 2020

Network of highly extensible protein threads (stronger than steel) produced by spiders, tends to affect the lifespan of the house fly.

Added by taxidriver

Saturday April 4th, 2020

David Blunkett
Seems to get a lot more action than he deserves.

Added by MySound

Friday April 3rd, 2020

The freedom to say as you please and do as you’re told

(Although some may question the first bit)

Added by taxidriver

Thursday April 2nd, 2020

A Waste of Your Time
it was wasn’t it?

Wednesday April 1st, 2020

Wallnuts. Crawl up walls when no-one’s looking and land on your head when you least expect it.

Come in salted, dry roasted and hairy flavours

Added by scott