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Cameraless and sadface

Wednesday August 7th, 2013 at 12:23am

So yeah. Went to see M last night, there was a huge electrical storm that started about 10 minutes into my journey. Epic, but I didn’t have my big camera on me, unfortunately.

Also got to explore his basement. Perfect setting for some photos too. Really annoyed I didn’t think to bring my camera : (

Giant storm hits, I cycle like buggery to reach him just as the rain starts. He lives on the 7th floor of an apartment block, with a great view of Teufelsberg and the rain sheeting down as lightning licked the sky and thunder rumbled in the distance was certainly a pretty amazing sight.

New bike is bought, had so many issues with the Brompton that I just thought “meh” and went for it. Brompton is now in a cupboard and will be fixed as and when I have time/resources.

Built a website for Mark Thomas - - it got discovered by the internet yesterday. 125 new volunteer drivers in one day. Amazing. My first Node/Mongo website, I was impressed that even though it was getting hammered it all worked perfectly, returning pages sub 1s.

Worked a little over the weekend on my photography website. The new version is and it now has a little easter egg for mobile devices.

Looking forward to Weeble visiting in 3 weeks time. Have taken some time out of work too. Should be epic. Going to visit the Reichstag and experience the dome, and I’d also like to try and go up the giant helium balloon with my camera.

Soon I’ll be doing another photoshoot with M, he wants to go to Berghain and shoot outside whilst it’s shut. Should be fun : )

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