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Dick Entry for “Tittybangbang”

  1. I’d give this BBC sketchshow a B+ for the line-up of crazy yet real-world characters. Definite signs of a woman’s touch about it.

    These quotes may not go down in history, but they make me laugh:

    * Maxine Bendix, tender plastic surgery victim with convincing Eastern European accent: “It’s just a little bit of seepage, Frank.”

    * Macho garden-centre assistant with too much hair gel and fake tan who is eager to demonstrate the shop’s products (and his packet) to female customers: “Can I be of assistancio-nioh-nioh-nioh-nioh, madam?”

    * Don Peacock, Geordie nutter desperate for a lassie to pee on: “And all that and everything reminds me of you.”

    * Self-obsessed Italian maid at country house who deliberately puts herself in compromising positions to attract attention (or so she hopes) of passing visitors: “Don’ look at me. I’m shy!”

    by strepsilly

    Added on Friday June 2nd, 2006


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