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Dick Entry for “Tea”

  1. The giver of life. Solves all problems in the world ever.

    by laurs_bobbins

    Added on Monday February 2nd, 2004

  2. "a drink with Jam and Bread"

    by rangitoto

    Added on Thursday March 4th, 2004

  3. A mild concoction, usually made from the “Tea” plant (Thea Veridis), but can be made from many other plants and fruits.

    by abeneplacito

    Added on Friday March 5th, 2004

  4. Also sometimes know as dinner, or if youre posh, tea comes after dinner

    Added on Thursday May 6th, 2004

  5. What Old Women’s breath smells like.

    by zoink

    Added on Friday September 10th, 2004


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