ChrisHi im Chris from Birmingham in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom :) Out here to find some new mates and drinking mates! Bring on the drinks!

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Good morning!

Tuesday March 29th, 2005 at 10:08am

Spongebob! (clicky)
Morning everyone! Its official im a bone idle and lazy! At the moment I’m still in bed with my laptop messing around online and chatting to random people on MSN, at the same time as eating any left over Easter Eggs - which I didn’t even want in the first place! As of today I intend on losing weight! It will be good for me and may just increase my pulling power - or even the pulling and keeping power and get into a relationship with someone, lol. I’m now going to get up, and I have a plan for the day: 12:45 - Get a haircut 13.45 - Set-off into Birmingham 14:20 - Have a cheapo meal in the Square Peg ( A Wetherspoons Pub) 15:00 - Have a look around the Bullring After 15:00 - Have a look for a flat/house share and hopefully view a few before the days over. As you can see, I have a very detailed plan - I dont normally time things so precisely but thought I might aswell today and see if things actually get done for once ! they dont normally get done if I just say im going to do it! Have a great day dudes and thanks for reading this load of crap I’ve just written here - I have now wasted some valuable seconds of your life : )

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