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Living on fluffy clouds

Friday September 26th, 2008 at 9:48am

Well, last night was rather amusing. I ended up in A&E because of the ill-health I currently have, which resulted in being given morphine-based pills to take for pain. The result of this is that I’m rather lovely and floaty much of the time now, which is quite fun! Had a colonoscopy last week, oddly I wasn’t keen on something exceptionally long being inserted into my bum, on the plus side I got to see what my insides look like, which was quite odd. Had 6 biopsies taken at the time too, so have to wait a few weeks for those results. Thankfully my job is still being kept open, which is ace, as after being off for so long I thought it might have been filled - hoorah to understanding bosses! Getting quite bored of not being able to go out very often, so off to the shops today to buy a few games to keep me occupied, at which point I can come home, take yet more pills and be high once more - quite a fun little routine! Hoping everything gets sorted soon, as I also rather miss the ability to have bum fun, but all in good time I suppose! Ex’s are still trying to ply themselves back into my life, which is quite odd but it does go some way to making me feel pretty, which is good as I look like shit at the moment! For now though, back to lying down and coalescing for a while until I pop out - tatty bah!

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Consultants suck, and not in that fun way!

Friday September 5th, 2008 at 10:59am

Quite annoyed with the NHS recently, had an appointment to see a surgical consultant, which was cancelled the day before, despite the referral being urgent. They then tried to offer me an appointment in 4 weeks time, but I wrangled a bit with them and got one next week now, woop! Hopefully all will go well and they wont fuck me up again, getting quite bored of bleeding and feeling tired. I’ve been signed off work because of it, so not been to work in 3 weeks now, which is bloody annoying, but they’re keeping the job open for me so far which is ace : ) Not a lot else to note, not doing anything, not working, just getting bored and smoking far too much and I’ve discovered there is no limit to the amount of tea I can drink, as long as I don’t mind living on the loo so I can continually piss ; ) Have managed to become quite addicted to Civilazation IV, despite my pooter deciding to work at the speed of a snail whenever I play it. Clearly I need a new shiny laptoy, so the saving for that has begun. Ex’s seem to be crawling out the woodwork towards me, which is quite odd. They seem to be like buses - nothing then 3 at once. But quite happy tootling along on my own for now, so I shall remain in singledom as shall the ex’s until they find someone that’s not me! Amazing what shit you can talk about when bored senseless! Anyway, I’m off to play more fun games at the speed of slow, and light another death stick : )

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