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’We’re all fucked. I’m fucked. You’re fucked. The whole department’s fucked. It’s been the biggest cock-up ever and we’re all completely fucked.’

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Tuesday July 19th, 2005 at 23:07pm

There’s no easy way to say this, but come September, I’ll be in, erm, that thing they call employment : ) Had the selection and interview today, and come 20050901, I shall be on the Payroll of Hounslow Manor School, in, erm, Hounslow as an IT-type person. And to think, I thought I’d fucked up their application when I commented on something along the line of “incompetent people who’ve bought their way into the Industry” (that would be responding to if I have an MSCE/MSP). So rah me. And as I’ve been sober for over two months, I think I shall (if I go to Cambridge this weekend) have a glass or two of Pimms... Anymore, and I’ll prolly keel over (not that I want to make falling into the Cam an habit, y’understand). So, yeap, no longer a chap of leisure. And I’ll prolly be on the prowl for renting something vaguely in that direction - so if anyone hears anything, y’know how to get hold of me : ) There’ll be some drinks either tomorrow (Weds) at Madame Wendy’s or something next week (depending on when I can get the relatives to take me somewhere nice for supper : )).

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