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Words of the Day for February 2020

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Saturday February 29th, 2020

The fine art of respiration. Which many people can do :0) Its a great social activity and fun for all the familly. although many a time people are sure to ask that the mother-in-law would just stop doing it.

Breathing is also a particularly bad habit that many 12-26 year old blonde women from essex seem to have picked up. If only there was a slightly less dramatic way of ending their miserable existance then to watch the mass sucide as you tell the westlife have split up or applying arsnic to all gold hoop earings imported to the UK.

Added by mogwai

Friday February 28th, 2020

crap alcohol free beer that tastes like piss – once advertised by Sean Bean. – still available in Saudi Arabia!

Added by rangitoto

Thursday February 27th, 2020

bacon sandwiches
Not Kosher

Added by rangitoto

Wednesday February 26th, 2020

Central Trains
A Dead Parrot – See East Midlands Trains or London Midland

Added by rangitoto

Tuesday February 25th, 2020

See chav

Added by scott

Monday February 24th, 2020

gareth gates
Untalented entertainer for teenage girls

Added by abeneplacito

Sunday February 23rd, 2020

chariots of fire
some of the actors were cute though.

Added by rangitoto

Saturday February 22nd, 2020

Lots of Love, Lots of Laughs.

Cock in Punjabi

LOL Williams, musician from Essex

Added by taxidriver

Friday February 21st, 2020

Anyone thought about being naked in the snow.... cold but so hot!

Wednesday February 19th, 2020

Mobile Phone
A phone-box with wheels on

Added by dolphinstar

Tuesday February 18th, 2020

A large french rodent you find down drains

Added by dolphinstar

Monday February 17th, 2020

my elderly cats
Olive and Muriel

Added by scawenb

Sunday February 16th, 2020

There once was a nice bloke named Scott,

Who liked having sex in the bott,

He met a young Possom,

Who told him to toss him,

And now what a great guy he’s got! : P

Friday February 14th, 2020

Plural of netsplit

Added by scott

Thursday February 13th, 2020

Another way to hear some one bitch about the world

Added by hitechguy18

Wednesday February 12th, 2020

The List
The list has been around for a good number of years now — set up as the Mark Thomas Mailing List, he’s close to our heart but not the only thing The List is about. Comprising some 100 odd chatty left wing types, it’s a great place to meet people and discuss what’s going on. Also I don’t think there’s ever been a question asked of it that The List’s collective mind hasn’t been able to answer.

Subscribe mark-thomas

majordomo@gbnet dot net

Added by scott

Tuesday February 11th, 2020

holly, ex garden centre gnome

Added by cynds

Monday February 10th, 2020

doctor who
See Daleks

Added by taxidriver

Sunday February 9th, 2020

Worth 10 points in Scrabble

Added by abeneplacito

Saturday February 8th, 2020

Cyndi Lauper
who i am A.K.A

Added by cynds

Friday February 7th, 2020

Roll-playing rather than role-playing

Added by NotDan

Thursday February 6th, 2020

Second-rate gin with a history of interesting marketing.

Added by flux

Wednesday February 5th, 2020

some strange form of s&m!

Added by rickyc-m

Tuesday February 4th, 2020

I want one!

Added by rangitoto

Monday February 3rd, 2020

Gorgeous band from Norwich – Now going by the name “Holly Lerski and Angelou”

Used to listen to them live years ago, and now they’re almost famous.

Humble is one of the most gorgeousest songs ever : )

Added by scott

Sunday February 2nd, 2020

Daily Nail
Like the Daily Mail but it knows it’s a load of dren.

Added by Deadbot

Saturday February 1st, 2020

Battle which took place in Ardennes in the winter of 1944/1945.

Added by flux