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Words of the Day for January 2020

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Friday January 31st, 2020

mmmm cute owen naked...


Added by rangitoto

Thursday January 30th, 2020

What they make coat out of.

Added by scott

Wednesday January 29th, 2020

Place I have to work in.

Added by moogal

Tuesday January 28th, 2020

Scientific measure of luminosity : 1 glimmer = 100,000 bleans. Usherettes’ torches are designed to produce between 2.5 and 4 bleans, enabling them to assist you in falling downstairs, treading on people or putting your hand into a Neapolitan tub when reaching for change.

Added by robl

Monday January 27th, 2020

fresh air and fields rapidply being erorded by Tesco, B&Q, Homebase, Mcvomitit drive thrus and plastic happy chefs. and pseudo villages for the “we’ve just moved here from Finchley” set

Added by rangitoto

Sunday January 26th, 2020

prototype for C5

Added by rangitoto

Saturday January 25th, 2020

Secret Life Of Us
An Australian drama revolving around the lives of the residents of an apartment block in an urban suburb of Melbourne. It follows the characters through some of life’s most complex journeys, as they search for themselves in their work, social and family lives, yet always following one simple rule: all roads lead back to your friends.

Added by cynds

Friday January 24th, 2020

The Crow
The beligerent, rude, overweight, menapausal oaf I have to work with

Added by dolphinstar

Thursday January 23rd, 2020

Will Sasso
Not sure, but I want one.

Added by Kiltboyo

Wednesday January 22nd, 2020

See also: Earl

Added by Owen

Tuesday January 21st, 2020

or deacon-ted in wales where people are just strange.

The word to express that awful feeling one gets after a long nap under the ralisation that having not slept the night before. you had been a cunt all day long to everyone. Much grovelling usually ensues at this point and once reunited with friends, you can officially say that you have been decunted.

nothing to do with being cunted though, thats for silly people who take drugs and shag gnomes.

Added by mogwai

Monday January 20th, 2020

An item of clothing worn by Anoraks

Added by taxidriver

Sunday January 19th, 2020

Gin (with tonic
Makes a summer’s day civilised.

Added by flux

Saturday January 18th, 2020

Noun. Nonsense.

Added by DiZZY

Friday January 17th, 2020

death threat for no apparent reason

Added by Cantus