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Words of the Day for July 2013

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Wednesday July 31st, 2013

Mobile Phone
A phone-box with wheels on

Added by dolphinstar

Tuesday July 30th, 2013

fantastic speciiiim,mememememn of man, also take from the work cyndi lauper tea bag

also a rather stupid form of human being who can’t spell

Added by cynds

Monday July 29th, 2013

Extremely embarrassing thing to do, especially when done so professionally by Scott.

Added by Plucker

Sunday July 28th, 2013

mens dangly bits

Added by Cantus

Saturday July 27th, 2013

unlike the more common Oral & Genital herpes which are common and hard to see, FaceHerpes sufferers are usually brutally disfigured by the condition causing thousands of people around the world to become PAINFULLY UGLY to the point where most people are unable to look directly at them.

Added by mogwai

Friday July 26th, 2013

Simon Pegg
Fit actor who no one has heard of

i have yet to find someone who does

Added by Kylock

Thursday July 25th, 2013

Anyone thought about being naked in the snow.... cold but so hot!

Wednesday July 24th, 2013

Apparantly a show of amusement used on IRC, something less than a “lol”.

Added by peter

Tuesday July 23rd, 2013

A large french rodent you find down drains

Added by dolphinstar

Monday July 22nd, 2013

blue curaco
something not even *I* drink

Added by admcg

Sunday July 21st, 2013

gareth gates
sex god

Added by sunin

Saturday July 20th, 2013

Variety of wheat whose ears fall off

Added by photographer

Friday July 19th, 2013

click below

Added by rangitoto

Thursday July 18th, 2013

David Blunkett
Rather cute (?) politician who of whom many freakcity dwellers love to hate

Added by Lloyd

Wednesday July 17th, 2013

The art of being able to make strange people look at least remotely pretty and not camp at all.

Added by scott

Tuesday July 16th, 2013


Added by cynds

Monday July 15th, 2013

orlando bloom(ing lovely)
Empire magazine describes him as ‘The Boy Wonder’ of British talent. He’s a lovely, lovely, lovely actor. And my obsession!

I look into his eyes and see love....he l;ooks into mine and sees a restraining order! Nuff said!

Added by laurs_bobbins

Sunday July 14th, 2013

gareth gates
A semi t-t-t-t-t-talented singer. Has been in Jordan, the poor man.

Added by Fetters

Saturday July 13th, 2013

saggy old cloth cat but Emily loved him.

Added by rangitoto

Friday July 12th, 2013

What I was when I wrote this entry.

Added by flux

Thursday July 11th, 2013

Princess Of Pop.

Added by MySound

Wednesday July 10th, 2013

body modification
Not just limited to the above.

Added by NormanFreeman

Tuesday July 9th, 2013

Flipsy show based on a couple of wigs the producers found in storage. Implausable story about a double-agent who travels the world to spy, but always ends up at a glamorous cocktail party with a fab hairpiece. Joyous and one or two fit men to boot. What’s not to love?

Monday July 8th, 2013

being sexually aroused. A yiff is a furry fuck, from yiffing being the noise that foxes make (and other furries). Popular word that will see far more use in 2006 than 2005 on account of Scott having decided it’s cool. Furries rock. Well, as long as they keep their freaky fucking perversion away from me and my dog, that is.

Added by scott

Sunday July 7th, 2013

short for Jason aka photographer. Barbican Cinema events organiser and Citizens Advice worker

Added by photographer

Saturday July 6th, 2013

Pedestrian-only passageway in central Shrewsbury. There are over 20 in the town and many of them are medieval in origin. As used in the phrase "Many visitors enjoy exploring the hidden shuts and passages of Shrewsbury"

Added by pronts

Friday July 5th, 2013

Pretty, but not very functional. Tends to break easily...

Added by scott

Thursday July 4th, 2013

Magico-religious system made up in the 1950’s by one Gerald Gardner, mainly by pinching bits from other people’s belief systems, and then mixing it with any excuse for him to have sex with his priestesses.

Added by abeneplacito

Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

E is for Electroclash. Everyone’s favourite ’clash.

Added by scott

Tuesday July 2nd, 2013

I knew what this was but haven’t read a book by whoever or done any academical stuff. I’m just clever, so ner.

Added by moogal

Monday July 1st, 2013

pronounched Scot-t-age – a kind of soup not made by Ena Baxter

Added by rangitoto