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Words of the Day for August 2022

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Monday August 15th, 2022

I forgot imature.

Added by MySound

Sunday August 14th, 2022

Midlands Today
Weekday BBC regional news programme responsible for launching the career of Nina Nannar and for keeping Nick Owen in work.

Added by pronts

Saturday August 13th, 2022

Made by the food deiety “Fray Bentos”

Added by rangitoto

Friday August 12th, 2022

gareth gates
sex god

Added by sunin

Thursday August 11th, 2022

One of the many voices in your head.

Added by mage

Wednesday August 10th, 2022

No noni noni – Absolute absence of said Tahitian fruit.

Added by taxidriver

Tuesday August 9th, 2022

David Blunkett

Added by Owen

Monday August 8th, 2022

body modification
8 years of hormones, 5 years on a shrink, 3 years in a dress and a big chop : )

Added by stikki

Sunday August 7th, 2022

Beer Sweets
without a shadow of a doubt, the best penny sweets in the world. They’re little jelly pint glasses that taste not very much like beer, but they even have head! And they taste great! AND they’re only available in my village!

If I could, I would eat only them.

Saturday August 6th, 2022

Can also be abbreviated to FSPWB if swearing in a hurry.

Added by moogal

Friday August 5th, 2022

Fox, The. Large, well established Lesbian pub in Birmingham.

Mojen doesn’t go there though; we think she’s already had them all.

Added by keybuk

Thursday August 4th, 2022

doctor who
Inspired the inspired song Dr. Qui? by that Bill Bailey chap.

Added by Gatrell

Wednesday August 3rd, 2022

Good for anemics.

Full of iron.

Added by NormanFreeman

Tuesday August 2nd, 2022

Dangerous Sports
A range of activities done for fun, where the chance of dieing is higher than normal, and or half the point.

Added by Gatrell

Monday August 1st, 2022

Mark Thomas Mailing List aka The List aka the Gay Cabal

Added by CelticLo