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Words of the Day for March 2024

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Sunday March 31st, 2024

L S Lowry
Not to be confused with Lowri Turner, the homophobic television presenter who just seems to have been in the public’s eye since the beginning of the 20th Century.

Added by Thirtyt

Saturday March 30th, 2024

pink pound
I thought it was a dumping ground for unwanted cars due to the colour of their paintwork

Added by Kittyflea

Friday March 29th, 2024

Short for “Kings Arms” a delightful little pub filled with short, badly dressed bearded trolls. Does karaoke on Sundays which is far more entertaining than say doing the average washing.

Plus point: Only gay bar in London to sell proper beer.

Negative point: Scary ; )

Once tried to divert a Freakcity picnic there. And failed. Those that remained wouldn’t go in. Wusses. (and yes, that means *you*, kee)

Added by scott

Thursday March 28th, 2024

Me! On Burst Fm. Yeah baby yeah!

Added by laurs_bobbins

Wednesday March 27th, 2024

A lovely drink containing alcohol that gets you very pished ; )

Added by hugzee

Tuesday March 26th, 2024

coffin dodger
Noun. An elderly person. Derog.

Added by DiZZY

Monday March 25th, 2024

the sexiest guy in Grease

Added by Kylock

Sunday March 24th, 2024

A sexy bitch with a fantastic personality and great sense of humour. ;D

Added by MySound

Saturday March 23rd, 2024

gareth gates
Dumper-bound has-been

Added by jasontomsguy

Friday March 22nd, 2024

Named jointly after Lazarus “Libby” Long and the fact that it’s a Libretto — this is Scott’s teeny ickle ancient laptop. Made by Toshiba, it has a Pentium 266mhz chip and 64 meg of RAM. This is the overclocked speed...and it was souped up by Scott and has a 20gig HD just for fun...

Added by scott

Thursday March 21st, 2024

Noun. 1. Nonsense, rubbish, something useless or not good.

2. An act of defecation.

3. Faeces.

Exclam. An exclamation of disbelief, annoyance.

Verb. To defecate. Defecate is infact a euphemism meaning to purify or cleanse. E.g."He crapped behind a tree and wiped his arse (anus) with a huge leaf."

Adj. Rubbishy, of no worth.

Added by DiZZY

Wednesday March 20th, 2024

and abbrevation for Dinner Jacket...

or Dinner Jazz..

Added by rangitoto

Tuesday March 19th, 2024

People who wear ill underwear

Added by scott

Monday March 18th, 2024

A lady’s part.

Added by anandamide

Sunday March 17th, 2024

Thrush in a jar

Added by anandamide

Saturday March 16th, 2024

In a bowl, cream together 4oz/125g caster sugar and 4oz/125g butter

Break two eggs into a glass or jug, and beat together with a fork. Add the egg to the butter and sugar a bit at a time, stirring it in thoroughly each time

When all the egg is mixed in, sieve 4oz/125g self-raising flour into the mix, and stir in thoroughly

Spoon the bixture into cake cases, and bake in a pre-heated oven at 190C/375F/Gas Mark 5 for ten to fifteen minutes, until they’re golden brown

Then try lots of variations, like adding 2oz of sultanas, or glace cherries, or cocoonut. Try adding spices, or replace a quarter of the flour with cocoa powder. And experiment with icing!

Added by NotDan

Friday March 15th, 2024

Michelle ‘pop idol’.

Added by laurs_bobbins

Thursday March 14th, 2024

Spanish for popeye.

Added by Thirtyt

Wednesday March 13th, 2024

If one shakes your hand, count your fingers afterwards. If their lips move they are lying.

Added by taxidriver

Tuesday March 12th, 2024

Feck. Arse.

Added by scott

Monday March 11th, 2024

Three bored prostitutes in Paris.. Get really really pissed on Absinthe.. They pass out and wake up next day to see hundreds of motorbikes in the garden..

One says “Oh God ..what did we do last night??” Another replies.. "Oh dont worry.. didnt you know that... Absinthe makes the tarts grow Hondas..."

Added by Mhunky

Sunday March 10th, 2024

Apparantly a show of amusement used on IRC, something less than a “lol”.

Added by peter

Saturday March 9th, 2024

Anything that claims authenticity when it cleatly isn’t at all authentic.

For example, the “genuine” Australian pub that has plastic crocodiles hanging from the walls and serves only luke-warn Castlemain XXXX.

Friday March 8th, 2024

warm, aromatic spice used in a large number of Chrismas dishes and drinks, and available for sprinkling on beverages at Starbucks.

Added by anandamide

Thursday March 7th, 2024

Pink Floyd
British band, Got together in the 60s after meeting at Cambridge. Spent all their grant money on musical equipment. Made a name for themselves because of their psychadelic shows, these were twinned with cutting edge light shows and the like. Made it big during the 70s. Sold more albums worldwide than any other band ever anywhere. The Dark Side of the Moon was in the American Album Chart top 100 for 2 weeks short of 14 years. They mostly managed this without writing crappy love songs either ; )

Scott’s favourite band ever : D

Scott’s brother went out with David_Gilmour’s daughter.

The band once played in the living room of Scott’s first boyfriend’s parents in the 60s when they weren’t very good.

Added by scott

Wednesday March 6th, 2024

like Frottage, only with harder access...

Added by Lloyd

Tuesday March 5th, 2024

A person who claims to be religious and moral but in actuality is entirely obsessed with what other people have between their legs and nothing more.

Added by scott

Monday March 4th, 2024

A north american fast food chain who specialise in burgers.

Added by peter

Sunday March 3rd, 2024

bum wee
Like poo, only more wrong, and watery

Added by bingowings

Saturday March 2nd, 2024

Also somewhere just outside of Nottingham.

Added by robl

Friday March 1st, 2024

Not wood.

Added by anandamide