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Words of the Day for March 2023

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Friday March 31st, 2023

Stupid subject created with the sole purpose of arguing about the same topics for ever and ever and ever and never coming to any one conclusion about said topics!

Added by laurs_bobbins

Thursday March 30th, 2023

The sensitive bit between your hole and your genuine Italy (or the “gen Italia” as they say).

Added by strepsilly

Wednesday March 29th, 2023

A coat you wear twice a year

Added by Thirtyt

Tuesday March 28th, 2023

A VERY BIG MAN. Who was quite camp. And could do stuff. Played by a not so big quite camp man called John

Added by scott

Monday March 27th, 2023

Moogal’s computer, named after watching a lot of Father Ted.

Added by moogal

Sunday March 26th, 2023


A deer, a female deer (possibly)

Added by taxidriver

Saturday March 25th, 2023

Jesus Army
Evil Northampton-based weirdos who rampage through town in eerily psychadelic minibuses spreading crosses and indoctrination.

Added by moogal

Friday March 24th, 2023

History will teach us nothing

Added by scott

Thursday March 23rd, 2023

Not a good idea if you’ve got the squits.

See Squits

Added by taxidriver

Wednesday March 22nd, 2023

Blair, Tony:- British PM from 1998-nuclear holocaust (next June)

Added by bingowings

Tuesday March 21st, 2023

Lawrence Fox. Latest in a long line of acting Foxes. Has a very appealing shower scene in the film /The Hole/

Added by NotDan

Monday March 20th, 2023

People like this: www.traintesting.com/images/HST_York_1973.jpg

Added by lovecoffee

Sunday March 19th, 2023

I quite like her though...

Added by moogal

Saturday March 18th, 2023

Rude People
see Elton John

Added by rangitoto

Friday March 17th, 2023

also know as a Paw Paw.

The juice of one slows down a dose of the shits.

Added by rangitoto

Thursday March 16th, 2023

A Sci-Fi series that freakily morphed into Stargate when no one was looking

Added by Fetters

Wednesday March 15th, 2023

sunin> only TheDude can do stuff with my dick entry

Added by admcg

Tuesday March 14th, 2023

Old People
The Post Office’s best friends!!!

Added by rangitoto

Monday March 13th, 2023

See Religeon

Added by taxidriver

Sunday March 12th, 2023

the wall
An album by Pink_Floyd – sold in excess of 23 million copies. Released in 1979, favourite of Scott’s mum so he ended up brought up on it. Third best selling album of all time in the US – topped only by Michael_Jackson’s Thriller and The_Eagles – Greatest Hits. Scott once got an A- in English for writing about it.

Very depressing, introspective and dark.

Turned into a film by Alan_Parker, sort of explains what the album’s about.

Also spawned some amazingly gorgeous artwork by Gerald_Scarfe

Added by scott

Saturday March 11th, 2023

Place in Ireland – somwhere – I think

Added by dolphinstar

Friday March 10th, 2023

The philosophy of being against sepperating the powers of the Church and the State

Added by NotDan

Thursday March 9th, 2023

An imaginary creature that haunts the sandy beaches of the Canary Islands. They forage during the evening hours on Chavvy tourists and takes them back to their rocky lair and play tunes on their bones.

Commonly used in the phrase “I’m having a Seabears moment” when realising a slip of the tongue – can be interchanged with “blonde” or “senior”, but “seabears” is far far better

Added by dolphinstar

Wednesday March 8th, 2023

Once you’re on the subscription list for this magazine you never escape. Tends to breed in pigeon-holes and on desks until thrown away en masse (still in its plastic wrapping). Only redeeming feature is the Dilbert cartoon and tales of how your tax is being squandered on yet another project involving EDS.

Added by flux

Tuesday March 7th, 2023

Let’s not and say we did.

Added by moogal

Monday March 6th, 2023

Rude People
see old people

Added by cynds

Sunday March 5th, 2023

It just takes one night of drunken fun with this to make you never wanna drink it again. Try thinking about it’s taste the morning after...

Saturday March 4th, 2023

Some one who gets the horn out of men in Speedos

Added by rangitoto

Friday March 3rd, 2023

Keeps old people alive longer – almost as good as gene-splicing and NHS treatment

Added by dolphinstar

Thursday March 2nd, 2023

Should be done on ice.

Added by taxidriver

Wednesday March 1st, 2023

Where you’re worth as much as your trainers and mobile phone.

Added by moogal