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Words of the Day for March 2021

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Wednesday March 31st, 2021

An island.

Added by scott

Tuesday March 30th, 2021

A rather bad 1988 film directed by Ron Howard which contracted practically every dwarf in the country as an extra.

Added by LangtonsAnt

Monday March 29th, 2021

E is for Electroclash. Everyone’s favourite ’clash.

Added by scott

Sunday March 28th, 2021

crap French Petrol..

specialists in lubricants

Added by rangitoto

Saturday March 27th, 2021

some fit lookin guy i got on my msn

Added by Kylock

Friday March 26th, 2021

Brokeback Mountain
A film which everybody likes despite being about two guys in love

Added by Kylock

Thursday March 25th, 2021

Council Housing Association Vermin!

Added by DiZZY

Wednesday March 24th, 2021

Something I’m not currently able to do as my bike is attached to a large metal grill, never to be freed *grumble*

Added by scott

Tuesday March 23rd, 2021

Join them and share in the profits.

Added by taxidriver

Monday March 22nd, 2021

The AA
A place where one’s liver goes to convalesce

Added by dolphinstar

Sunday March 21st, 2021

Lovely, tasty, full of Vitamin B. Great on toast.

Added by taxidriver

Saturday March 20th, 2021

cheap fags
cf Ku Bar

Added by anandamide

Friday March 19th, 2021

fanny batter
Crusty remains of woman juices surrounding the vag after a very heavy sesh. Not to be eaten with chips.

Added by scott

Thursday March 18th, 2021

Computers & cock.

The main topics made by the occupants of freakcity. Even the crazy women. Can be worked into any conversation. Ever.

Added by Lloyd

Wednesday March 17th, 2021

Pretty men
[n. pl.] A particular genus of human noted for their aesthetically pleasing arrangement of facial features and/or hairstyle. Most tend to look good half dressed and photographed in black and white. May or may not have more than two GCSEs.

Added by leto

Tuesday March 16th, 2021

Gregg Araki
Deeply cool director responsible for, amongst other things, Totally F***ed up and Mysterious Skin

Added by scott

Monday March 15th, 2021

fucking on the paris underground

Added by rangitoto

Sunday March 14th, 2021

mage’s favourite saying – “Far too much information”

Sometimes expanded into FTMFIROFFLIOLOL by people like spiritusmundispit because...well...he’s like that

Added by scott

Saturday March 13th, 2021

Pointless and irrelevant bunch of chunts who still seem to think that if they pay a few media moguls it means they have a hope in hell of being elected. Like ever.

Click below to tell Anne Widdecombe to SHUT UP

Added by scott

Friday March 12th, 2021

see chavette

Added by scott

Thursday March 11th, 2021

LRP (qv) with an A for Action added

Added by NotDan

Wednesday March 10th, 2021

sci fi
Jason’s Mum pronounces this “skiffy” and does not like it when Jason’s Dad has it on the TV.

Added by photographer

Tuesday March 9th, 2021

City of Dreaming Spires, and queer old deans

Added by rangitoto

Monday March 8th, 2021

French slang for a willy

Added by rangitoto

Sunday March 7th, 2021

Cunt of the highest order, e.g. David Blunkett.

Added by Plucker

Saturday March 6th, 2021

Gayteway to the Gower

Added by taxidriver

Friday March 5th, 2021

When they have REALLY big hands.

Added by scott

Thursday March 4th, 2021

Finds stuff quickly.

Added by flux

Wednesday March 3rd, 2021

Also has a *fantastic* ring road. Much amusement is had watching non-locals try to drive on it and promptly shit themselves when they realise the junctions are 3ft apart.

Added by moogal

Tuesday March 2nd, 2021

popular drug treasured for its ability to make the imbiber gracefully acorabatic, hugely witty, astonishingly attractive, and breathtakingly wise.

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to addiction, poverty and, most worryingly, G-A-Y.

Added by anandamide

Monday March 1st, 2021

Deev’s first name

Added by scott