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Words of the Day for February 2024

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Thursday February 29th, 2024

the name for Heinz in NZ

Added by rangitoto

Wednesday February 28th, 2024

(Noun) – a game for lads who are too camp for rugby

Added by scott

Tuesday February 27th, 2024

Relaxation therapy, often with pretty-smelling oils. Available now at bargain prices : D

Added by NotDan

Monday February 26th, 2024

Fantastically friendly and helpful bloke

Added by NotDan

Sunday February 25th, 2024

Milton Keynes
A nice, clean town with good areas and bad areas.

It has 3 large Tesco stores in the vicinity, plus a lage shopping mall.

Impossible to get lost in, as all the major streets are conveniently numbered as well as named.

Added by peter

Saturday February 24th, 2024

Jock eyes

Added by scott

Friday February 23rd, 2024

Slowly splaying your fingers across someone’s knee. On some people, this has no effect what so ever, but some people just melt when you do it to them.

Added by NotDan

Thursday February 22nd, 2024



see also 112 and 911

Added by taxidriver

Wednesday February 21st, 2024

Enter a universe where women have beards and muscular men go on killing sprees all in search of one sought-after ring. Hmmm...sounds a bit like Freakcity actually. : S

"Those goblins don’t stand a CHANCE against my Fallen Paladin equipped with Codpiece of Destiny +5!! Suck my THAC0!

Tuesday February 20th, 2024

that bit in the middle where Crossroads (all versions) was film

Added by rangitoto

Monday February 19th, 2024

Like clouds on a summers day, or cotton wool, or someone who is lovely and generally nice

Added by bingowings

Sunday February 18th, 2024


Early 90s warbler best-remembered for the ethereal ’Sleeping Satellite". Recreated (poorly) as a badger by Harry Hill in the early 00’s

Added by dolphinstar

Saturday February 17th, 2024

Bangladesh Nationalist Party, often to be seen canvassing in parts of East London and campaigning against the BNP, oh the irony!

Added by taxidriver

Friday February 16th, 2024


A long long way to run

Added by taxidriver

Thursday February 15th, 2024

Give you three wild guesses, dumbass

Added by abeneplacito

Wednesday February 14th, 2024

Filthy porn house

Added by jamie

Tuesday February 13th, 2024


Added by MySound

Monday February 12th, 2024

skin irritation from sitting near Alastair Campbell

Added by photographer

Sunday February 11th, 2024

The noise a gay makes when you stroke it

Added by scott

Saturday February 10th, 2024

"Keep passing the open windows."

Added by CelticLo

Friday February 9th, 2024


Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Added by taxidriver

Thursday February 8th, 2024

Red Dragon
Very nice and stong stout. Also known to get scareglow’s drunk.

Added by scareglow

Wednesday February 7th, 2024

Serve with a *whiff* of tonic, with ice and slice.

Decent gins: Tanqueray & Hendricks’. Bomb.Saph == vaguely acceptable.

Added by admcg

Tuesday February 6th, 2024

Big late things that have a habit of annoying me. Once on them, it’s all lovely and good and sweetness and light, but that’s only the nice ones.

Frequently seen falling off rails and upsetting people in well off bits of the UK that aren’t used to it. Bless

“Engineering Excellence” obviously means something else when you’re a multi billion pound corporation ; )

Added by scott

Monday February 5th, 2024

Brian Sewal

Added by NotDan

Sunday February 4th, 2024

When the man puts his boytoy in the womanplace and a bearded man films it.

There are also plenty of other types of porn but 90% of it is developed with a straight male audience in mind. Sounds good to me : D : D

Added by Swinkle

Saturday February 3rd, 2024

Adam Baldwin

One of the sexiest men to walk the Earth...

Added by abeneplacito

Friday February 2nd, 2024

she should be so lucky so stuffin’ chuffin’ lucky

Added by rangitoto

Thursday February 1st, 2024

David Gilmour
Lead Singer/Guitarist from Pink_Floyd. Took over after Syd_Barrett went a bit mad. Taught Syd how to play guitar

Added by scott