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Words of the Day for October 2023

People leave us lovely words in the amusingly named dick, along with short, factual and concise definitions. No really. Here's this month's words so far...

Tuesday October 31st, 2023

Posh word for Diarrhoea (which is a stupid word anyway)

See also Bum Wee

Added by taxidriver

Monday October 30th, 2023

david gilmour
(never never never could gilmour teach sid how to play guitar!!!!!!)

1.git that took over from sid when he got lost in the woods for a long long time.

2.made pink floyd rather dull and prog rock forever more boo hoo!

3. isn’t he really Paul Mccartney?

Added by stikki

Sunday October 29th, 2023

Gemma Fox....apparently she’s a singer. But who cares? She’s obviously not as good as Sam.

Added by laurs_bobbins

Saturday October 28th, 2023

Tell that to this man!

Not to mention that cycling up hills gives you really toned arse!

Added by Gatrell

Friday October 27th, 2023

The worship of oneself, this act usually occurs after much alcohol, or when one shaves

Added by bingowings

Thursday October 26th, 2023

BMW drivers
Braindead Macho Wankers – to be exact!

Added by rangitoto

Wednesday October 25th, 2023

A vile country, with odd customs, strange little xenophobic people and inedible food.

Cold too.

Added by peter

Tuesday October 24th, 2023

orlando bloom(ing lovely
no really, he did

Added by Cantus

Monday October 23rd, 2023

One who is unable to say anything of import whilst on the toilet.

Added by scott

Sunday October 22nd, 2023

lady grey tea
Lady Grey is a blend unique to Twinings and is a lighter alternative to Earl Grey with a gentle, citrus flavour.

Origin: China

Flavour: Delicate

A light, refreshing tea, pale gold in colour and infused with the flavour of Seville orange, lemon and bergamot.

Added by hugzee

Saturday October 21st, 2023

New Labour
cf. Conservatives

Added by anandamide

Friday October 20th, 2023

“It’s a Bit of an Animal” – although they never tell you which bit of which animal it’s made from

Added by rangitoto

Thursday October 19th, 2023

Ogg Vorbis
MP3 for geeks.

Added by taxidriver

Wednesday October 18th, 2023

Earl Grey
“I like nothing better than a steaming hot mouthful of Earl Grey in the morning.... And a cup of tea is nice as well.” : )

Added by robl

Tuesday October 17th, 2023

See also, Chris

Added by chris

Monday October 16th, 2023

Shonky. A bit horribly and incorrectly done.

Added by scott

Sunday October 15th, 2023

hum, jack davenport....

Added by admcg

Saturday October 14th, 2023

also see cock

Added by Cantus

Friday October 13th, 2023

Douglas Coupland
Fabby bloke. Author of “Microserfs” which is hysterical. Writes like a small fluffy blogger ; )

Added by scott

Thursday October 12th, 2023

ronald hutton (prof)
Intelligent and marvellously barmy academic who was most recently seen presenting a BBC2 prog on 17th Century history to the preppy pop of a a Kylie soundtrack.

Added by anandamide

Wednesday October 11th, 2023

Doppler effect
The effect discovered by Christian Doppler of a change in frequency of a wave due to relative motion of the source or the receiver.

Added by LangtonsAnt

Tuesday October 10th, 2023

Where mummy and daddy and daddy and daddy and daddy and daddy and daddy decide mummy needs a new facial.

Added by Owen

Monday October 9th, 2023

the friend of women everywhere...

"I’ve got the painter in.. buy me a large sized Fruit & Nut"

Added by rangitoto

Sunday October 8th, 2023

blue curaco
something not even *I* drink

Added by admcg

Saturday October 7th, 2023

You will burn in hell for that one.

Added by taxidriver

Friday October 6th, 2023

Hellish dinge pit in central London playing utter trash

Added by abeneplacito

Thursday October 5th, 2023

Like a cuddle,only less intimate, and leading to less sex

Added by bingowings

Wednesday October 4th, 2023

The worship of oneself as a god....its what us pretty ones do

Added by bingowings

Tuesday October 3rd, 2023

Internet Relay Chat. Invented in 1988, lets freaks (and other people) chat to each other over the interweb...

Added by scott

Monday October 2nd, 2023

A. Flash his cocks for attention as his brains won’t ever get notice. ;o)

B. A total Camp Queen; Listen to one side of a story and believe he know the whole story.

Bi. Put his nose into other people business and act surprise when people hit back!

C. Lack the basis of common manners (i.e. ‘Please’ or ’Thank you’)

Added by Deadbot

Sunday October 1st, 2023

Character in ‘Eastenders’ who inexplicably gave up her job as an undercover police officer in order to open up a nail bar. Quite what skills the two proffessions share, or why anyone would consider it a logical career step, has never been satifactorily explained.

Added by anandamide