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Jace the AceI am a warm and gentle bearish guy who loves to go out and enjoy the finer things in life. If you are not a finer thing, then don’t bother messaging me.

I’ve been clutter clearing my life - and feel a lot happier  :)

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Monday May 15th, 2006 at 13:47pm

for some reason I am very tired at work and not interested in doing my job today. I want to go home and play my Lego Star Wars video game which arrived today. went to M&S with Rachel for some lunch - maybe I ate too much and that is why I am tired.

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Friday May 12th, 2006 at 18:05pm

Rachel and I went to Filthy McNasties for a thai curry and some spring rolls. I had a pint which nearly sent me off into a drunken sleep having not eaten anything all morning (apart from a yoghurt for breakfast and a banana mid morning). Dossed around all afternoon and then left work before 5pm because I was bored and tired. I got a DVD of an opera today which I am looking forward to watching/listening to. I popped into Marks and Spencer on the way home to browse their summer collection, realised I needed new shirts, trousers and everything........ I am at home now eating veggie sausage sandwiches listening to the washing machine with a nice breeze going through the flat. I have no idea what the weekend holds for me.......its not like me to have nothing planned.

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Thursday May 11th, 2006 at 21:51pm

I worked really hard this morning as neither PJ nor Sophie were in the office. Then went for lunch at 12.01 with Rachel to the cafe. Then went for a walk around the block and ended up in the record shop browsing and listening to the funky music they play. It was SO HOT i hate this weather. Spent the afternoon dossing. Sally turned up so we went to the cafe for a coffee but we ended up in Clockwork instead. She had a coffee and I had a sea breeze. Then came back to the office hoping my new line manager had not noticed my absence. Then it was Kate’s leaving so so took Sophie (who had now arrived from Southwark) upstairs so she could oggle at Barrett one of the new temps. Then it was time to do some more dossing on line and then we all went to Clockwork for Kate’s party and I had three Tiger beers and a large veggie pizza. Rachel left and it was just me and Dan. Doug came to chat with us which was nice as I have not spoken to him much since he got his knob out for my photo project (he’s str8). Caught the 205 bus to Liverpool Street then tubed it home. Have just been watching some old episodes of Absolutely Fabulous (which now seems very dated) and ate some eggs on toast.

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Friday May 5th, 2006 at 20:47pm

The Turkish waiter left an hour ago. Turns out he is bisexual. My arse is sore !

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