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Wednesday July 20th, 2005 at 21:49pm

Well since most people I know on freakcity don’t read my regular blog I thought I’d post a general update on how life’s been going recently. Since I last posted much of anything personal on here I’ve been through a lot of stuff. Some really cool stuff but also I’ve been through some pretty shitty times. I won’t go into much detail but suffice it to say a few weeks ago I had a run of unconnected unfortunate events that left me pissed off with pretty much everyone and disillusioned with everything for a while. But I got over that with a bit of effort and the determination to not become a whiney bitch, and things sorta gradually started to look better. Aside from that fortnight or so of generally everything being wank, lots of other big stuff has been happening to me. Some of the major stuff that’s been going on: I split up with Stacey. Aside from all the regular bad stuff with splitting up, we had a bunch of pretty whopping arguments and a shitload of friction. On top of that I quit my job at The King and Miller. I handed in my notice but then only 3 or 4 days into my notice period I got seriously pissed off and told them I wasn’t coming back for the rest of it. Then by now it had been about 5 or 6 weeks since me and Stacey split up. And we got back together. Which feels kinda weird because... well let’s just say she hadn’t exactly been sat around waiting for me while we were separate but oh well. I went all out trying to find a job ASAP and sure enough after just three days an agency hooked me up with something, giving me a job I could start on Tuesday (this was Friday). So of course I was well pleased. First day was yesterday. After my 2nd day today when I’ve been home an hour or two I get a call from the agency telling me the company don’t want me any more. What a pathetic fucking waste of my time. In the 6 days since I found out I was going to be working I could’ve actually spent that time looking for a REAL job not a 2-day piece of shit. As soon as I found out I was getting a job I borrowed shitloads of money. Some for going out but the majority of it was for buying some new smart clothes for work. But regardless of what it was for the point is I’m now almost £100 in debt with absolutely no way of paying it off any time soon and now I have to cancel all my plans for this weekend, some of which I was immensely looking forward to.

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