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Blogged 4 years, 2 weeks, 1 day, 20 hours ago Scott

Cameraless and sadface

So yeah. Went to see M last night, there was a huge electrical storm that started about 10 minutes into my journey. Epic, but I didn't have my big camera on me, unfortunately. Also got to explore his basement. Perfect setting for some photos too. Really annoyed I didn't think to bring my camera :( Giant storm hits, I cycle like buggery to reach him just as the rain starts. He lives on the 7th floor of an apartment block, with a great view of "Teufelsberg": and the rain sheeting down as lightning licked the sky and thunder rumbled in the distance was certainly a pretty amazing sight. New bike is bought, had so many issues with the Brompton that I just thought "meh" and went for it. Brompton is now in a cupboard and will be fixed as and when I have time/resources. Built a website for Mark Thomas - - it got discovered by the internet yesterday. 125 new volunteer drivers in one day.... (Continues)

Blogged 9 years, 38 weeks, 4 days, 2 hours ago Cynds (Benjimina Nicktoria Deano Marino McJones).

No title

Can’t remember if I posted this but I got a phone call from the police about a week ago to advise me that my case for the theft of my car was finally going to court, which was today.

The police didn’t know what the outcome of it would be and wouldn’t know the results of it as it’s not going to be passed onto the person that was dealing with my case.

I do know what has happened though, as it turns out that one of my friends who’s studying Law and the local uni was sitting in on my case today, so I kept getting regular updates on how the case was going.

It turns out that it was the people who where arrested where in fact the people I suspected stole my car. The case was adjourned until next Monday as the DNA and fingerprint evidence was not at the court when the case was heard!

So i am going to try and see if I can get next Monday off, or half a day so I can go and see the results of my case. huzzar!... (Continues)


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